Product advertising

Graphic advertisements in the social network ad section or in the posts feed.

Why you need it

The power of social networking is such that the number of worldwide users is expected to reach over 3 billion monthly active social media users by 2021, around a third of Earth’s entire population. As of 2017, 81 percent of the United States population had a social networking profile.

The most popular social network in the world is Facebook with 2.234 billion active users. Instagram, also now owned by Facebook, has 1 billion active users.

Since most of the credit-worthy inhabitants of the planet are on social networks, you should definitely use this internet marketing tool to promote your business!

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Warm up leads

Advertising in social networks takes an intermediate position between Google Ads and outreach campaigns because it “warms up” the customers before a future purchase and increases brand loyalty, which is typical of outreach campaigns.

And at the same time, it is able to bring customers who are ready to buy — which makes the “context” useful!

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Native advertisement

Native advertising is a special term for when an ad is “pretending” to be non-advertising. In the case of social networks – it’s just another post in the feed.

This type of ad, when properly written and accurately targeted to the audience, does not trigger the ad blocker in our brain and collects much more transitions, and of a higher quality.

Someone who really spends a lot of time on the site and views several pages is actively interested in the offer.

What we do

Before the start of the campaign

We communicate with the client and describe the target audience you need to reach in social networks. Together we decide which social networks to use to look for these clients — Facebook, Instagram or both.

We prepare texts and image ads (“creatives”) according to the requirements of each of the social networks.

Using “targeted” advertising, we determine the size of the target audience in each of the social networks. Based on the cost of the rates, we calculate the media plan and coordinate with the client on the advertising campaign budget.

In the course of the campaign

Every day we check the rates and the number of transitions to the site. We manage the rates to get the target number of transitions for the projected budget in the context of daily changing rates.

If any advertisements do not work well, we promptly agree with the client to replace them.


We prepare a report on the advertising campaign where we explain the results in plain language. We also give recommendations for the next campaign.

Can you advertise on social networks yourself?

Of course, you can. Every social network offers a self-service advertising back-office through which advertising campaigns are set up. There is no magic here, we use the same tools, although we do use quite a few extra specialized tools and services for creation, placement, and monitoring.

However, there are many nuances that only become clear with experience of conducting these types of campaigns. And, of course, you will eventually learn how to target your ads well. But it will take time, during which you’ll be wasting a lot of money due to poor targeting or other mistakes. Social networks will gladly consume your budget and honestly display your ads… to wrong people!

Remember conducting a social advertising campaign is a great deal of effort, especially if we are talking about several social networks, dozens of banner formats and text blocks, daily monitoring of rates…

It is better to take part in the interesting, creative part of the work — defining the target audience, developing an advertising campaign strategy, generating ideas, allocating the budget. Entrust the whole routine part to us.

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Why we are better

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We monitor the advertising campaigns of our customers each day. Other agencies set up ads once and then leave them to run unattended. As a result, there are irrelevant search terms, excessive rates, and extra customer costs

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Every month we send you simple, clear reports and explain what is going well, and what to improve. You can continue running your business, and we provide you with the full results of your Internet advertising campaign.

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We have already conducted dozens of successful advertising campaigns using social networks and continue to learn.

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We are always in touch. If your business is dynamic and you need constant changes — we respond instantly.

Featured results

What we do not do

We do not manage groups on social networks, do not write posts, and do not work with communities. Our specialization is targeted advertising.

How much are our services?

An advertising campaign on one social network: Facebook, Instagram, costs 299 USD per month. For both at once — 499 USD.

Please leave your contact details, and we will reach out to you promptly

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