Модуль изображения


Модуль изображения
Модуль изображения

Product advertising

Display advertising (images and text) that visitors from your target audience see on almost all Internet sites: top and medium popularity.

Why you need it

This is the only tool that allows you to attract the type of audience you’d love to have but who aren’t even aware of you yet. These are new customers who are not actively looking for your product or service. Perhaps they don’t even know about it. These are your future customers, the growth zone of your business.

Programmatic advertising helps Google Ads, supplying potential buyers. Google Ads are made more effective by tens of percent when it works alongside programmatic — as we have proved in our marketing.

Programmatic advertising increases awareness of your brand. It gives you the opportunity to display ads on top sites, where you normally wouldn’t be able to afford the display cost or where your type of ad would not be accepted. In programmatic advertising, the price of contact with your brand is very low.

Programmatic is today’s preparation for tomorrow’s sales and subsequent growth of your business.

Модуль изображения

Unified native ad format

We transmit several sizes of advertising images, short and long versions of texts, and headlines to the advertising network. Each site uses this “set of parts” to make and display the most effective ad, matching the layout and content of the site.

As a result, your advertisement will be perceived not as an advertisement, but as a news article, a review or other normal (“native”) content of the site.

What programmatic advertising cannot do

Programmatic advertising is not a tool for obtaining leads (orders). Because the ads will be seen by cold customers, they will need time to “go through the funnel” before they are ready to buy from you.

The path to the order is clearly visible in the analytics systems. Typically the client saw the banner, saw it again, made a search query for the company name, switched to the site, and checked something. Maybe a week passed, they saw the banner again, went back to the site, and finally made a purchase.

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How it works

Each person visits an average of 85 websites a month including search engines, social networks, news, entertainment, and sports portals. Almost every site sells anonymous information about their visitors and their interests to data aggregators. As a result, a “dossier” of the interests and preferences of each one of us is collected and stored. Sources of information include search queries, visited sites, data from social networks, online stores, commercial ad sites, and job searches.

Based on the description of the target audience, Internet Active can select a sample from this dataset and customize the display of advertisements on almost all the Internet sites to the people you want.

Модуль изображения

What we do

Before the start of the campaign

We agree on the profile of the target audience with you, their socio-demographic description, geography, profession, income level, interests, and features. You describe the people who buy from you to us.

We prepare a media plan, and we give recommendations on the budget.

We make a sample of the Data Management Platform; we inform you of the number of people who are your target market on the Internet, and the maximum number of clicks we can provide to your website.

Together with you, we prepare advertising images and texts (creatives).

In the course of the campaign

We monitor the achievement of the target number of clicks and the quality of the given audience. We monitor the depth of viewing your site and the time spent on it, and other important parameters. We adjust the audience that sees your ad.

It is even more effective if we also conduct Google Ads. In this case, we see the influence of the programmatic on the Google Ads and optimize their work together to achieve the best result.

At the end of the advertising campaign

We prepare a report on the advertising campaign and explain the results. We give recommendations for the next campaign.

Featured results

How much are our services?

Programmatic advertising is paid for by clicks (visits to your site).

That is, you are guaranteed to receive the number of visits to your site specified in the contract by people from the described target audience.

One click costs 1.99 USD, the minimum advertising campaign is 1000 clicks.

Модуль изображения