We optimize advertising campaigns so that you get more clicks and orders for the same budget

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Product promotion

Your ad will appear in Google search results for a keyword search that is relevant to your business. For example, «buy an apartment».

Why do you need it?

With Google Ads, you receive hot leads that are looking for what you are selling right now. Such visitors are more likely to make an immediate purchase than those who visit from social media.

This is the “best seller” of Internet marketing tools.

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What we do

Before the campaign starts

We compile a list of search queries that are relevant to your business and worth advertising with.

We calculate the rates (cost per click) at which you will receive clicks. We estimate the maximum budget that can be used for Google Ads.

We count the number of clicks that you can potentially receive with your volume of searches.

We check whether your site has “goals” (an analytics technical term) which are used to determine whether an advertisement is working successfully.

In the course of the campaign

We will check the rates each day. If the overall prices in the market for the ad’s keywords have decreased, we will lower your ad’s budgeted costs to save money. If it’s grown, we’ll increase it within the original established budget to ensure a targeted amount of clicks per month.

We will “Exclude” irrelevant queries that do not benefit you. This is important. Otherwise, your budget will be used more quickly by people who click on your ad, but find your product is irrelevant to them — often this can be a significant amount.


We prepare a report on the advertising campaign for you, where we explain in clear and simple language how it is going and what the results are. We then give recommendations for the following month

Can you do it all by yourself

Sure you can. Many companies do. Google advertising and analytics systems are available to everyone.

The problem is that in Google Ads there are a lot of important details that must not be overlooked. If you don’t know these features, your advertising budget spend will be ineffective and most of your budget will be wasted.

To use Google Ads effectively without losing money, you will have to constantly be learning and improving your skills, and eventually, you’ll become an expert! Alternatively,  entrust this work to those who are already the experts – which is us!

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Why we are better

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Our experts and our agency as a whole are certified by Google. To get certified, you need to pass a battery of hard tests and exams. The certificate confirms that the specialist really knows what they are doing.

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We monitor our customers’ advertising campaigns every day. Other companies set up ads once then leave them to run unattended. As a result, they have irrelevant search terms, use excessive rates, and cause the customer extra costs.

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Every month we send you simple, clear reports and explain what is going well, and what can be improved. That means you can confidently get on with the business of doing your business, and we provide you with the full results of your Internet advertising.

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We are always in touch. If your business is dynamic and you need constant changes — we respond instantly.

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Over 5 years of experience in Google Ads

There are 3 certified Google Ads specialists and 6 internet marketers on the staff of “Internet Active”.

We have tested and checked their knowledge.

We know exactly how to create advertising campaigns in the search network, manage them, optimize them, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Featured results

How much are our services?

Campaigns on Google Ads:

— Set up 299 USD one-time (up to 10,000 keyword phrases)

— Maintenance 249 USD per month

If a client has several advertising campaigns, a discount is applied. However, there is an extra charge if campaigns have more than 10,000 keyword phrases.

You determine the budget for the cost of clicks, which is paid to the search engine (Google). When we prepare an advertising campaign, we will give recommendations on the size of this budget, based on your keyword phrases.

Therefore, your total advertising costs in Google Ads will consist of the campaign budget and payment for our maintenance services.

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Sometimes we hear:

“Another agency or freelancer does the same thing much cheaper, why do you cost so much?”

Some agencies do use a similar business model. They advertise their super low prices; customers flock to them, the agency sells advertising campaigns like hotcakes, automatically choosing keywords. The campaigns that run are not tracked; they are simply created and forgotten. The client sees no results, becomes unhappy, and leaves – and it does not matter to that agency because they know another two customers will come along.

We do not work this way; we prefer a long-term partnership with our clients, so we can bring them real benefits. The most important point here is that the client loses much more on their wasted budget by saving on the payment to the agency and landing on the “low price conveyor belt”.

For us, Google Ads is important, but it is only the first element of Internet marketing, where collaboration with our customers is just beginning.

Give us a chance to impress you

Our main specialization is integrated internet marketing. We help our customers get traffic and convert it into sales!

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