«Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half»


John Wanamaker.  «Confessions of an Advertising Man». Book by David Ogilvy, Chapter 3, 1963.

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The expression «end-to-end analytics» means

that the cost of online promotion that you carry can be traced not just to “site visits” and not even to “calls to the office” or “application” (lead), but to the transaction between your company and the buyer. That is, prior to the sale.

Thus, costs are converted into revenues and profits. The circle closes, and marketing turns into a profit-generating tool in the eyes of the director or owner, which, in fact, it always was. And best of all, you will be able to take into account, calculate, and present this profit to your manager as your personal accomplishment.

You can say something like “last month we spent 15,000 dollars on internet promotion, and this led to sales with a total profit of 1,200,000 dollars. Isn’t it cool?
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How Internet Active will accomplish this

We will link statistics and budgets for online promotion with your CRM using Roistat.

This is a popular end-to-end analytics system. As powerful as Google Analytics, but much more comprehensible and friendlier. It is designed for marketers, as it has many ready-made reports and easily integrates with popular CRM systems. Roistat connects to Google Ads and can import ad spending data.

It is important to understand how much you have spent and on what advertising campaign, to calculate ROMI (return on marketing investment).

With the help of RoiStat, when you look into your CRM, you can tell which clients came from the Internet, how much money was spent on attracting them, and which channels turned out to be effective. You can find out which deals came about from these clients and for how much.

If you start Internet promotion with actual sales using Internet Active, it is important to note that you will receive:

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Objective data for the director or owner, how much money online promotion brings your company.

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Your management will stop looking at marketing as a cost item and will start looking at it as a tool to make a profit.

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There will be a weighty, objective reason to increase the marketing budget and your advertising activity. After all, if it is estimated, for example, that 100,000 in marketing brings 1,000,000 profits, then it’s logical next month to try investing 200,000 in marketing, then 300,000 and so on, until the profit return stops increasing.

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Using the numbers, you will clearly see which advertising activities and campaigns are paying off and which are not. Any questions you might have had before implemented analytics will disappear. When you lead a promotion in one way or another, you will be able to say: “we do this because there is a return from this, and here are the numbers. From those there is no return, so we do not use those activities/channels anymore.»

Let’s talk about end-to-end analytics.

You tell us what kind of CRM you have installed, how it is used, what data there are about customers, and transactions. After that, we’ll tell you how to use your CRM with online promotion using Roistat.

You will get your hands on a powerful tool that strengthens your personal position in the company, for the benefit of your business!